Reviews and Testimonials

“The technical achievement of the night was the sound design by Jonathan Burke… It created a showcase of inventive variety, volume and clarity. This is exactly what was needed in a show where the song was the thing.”

—Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema, on “Lonesome Traveler” at the Rubicon Theatre
“The mournful mood is well served by Jonathan Burke’s unobtrusive sound design.”

—Sheri Lindin, Variety, on “The Weir” at the Geffen Playhouse
“Jonathan Burke’s sound design keeps the lyrics intelligible at all times while providing room for Don Sebesky’s swingy orchestrations.”

—David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America on “The Best is Yet to Come” at 59E59, New York
“Jonathan Burke is my favorite sound designer, and as far as I’m concerned the best in Southern California. He knows how to adjust for the space he’s in, has a great ear, attention to detail, and skills that encompass the entire range of sound design. He’s also easy to work with and brings a great sense of humor, a prerequisite in working with me.”

—Lewis Wilkenfeld, Artistic Director, Cabrillo Music Theatre Director
“Jonathan is a sound professional of the highest order.”

—Bill Ward, Founding Chair and Professor Emeritus, UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television

“He leads by example, not only as an excellent sound designer, engineer and teacher but also as a smart, thoughtful, caring, and down-to-earth human being.”

“It’s been my great pleasure to have been able to call Jonathan a friend and mentor since my first year at UCLA. His generosity, enthusiasm, and confidence in me helped me grow from a student and aspiring designer to a working professional. He leads by example, not only as an excellent sound designer, engineer and teacher but also as a smart, thoughtful, caring, and down-to-earth human being.”

—Ross Goldman, former student, Principal, Event Wave Productions
“Beyond an understanding of basic sound concepts and having an ear for a great mix, sound design is about compromise and cooperation. So when we talk about a designer’s work I think of it mostly in terms of where they compromise and where they don’t, and what it’s like to negotiate those compromises. Working in the performing arts is usually a collaborative task where we are constantly asked to sacrifice sound on behalf of other department’s concerns, or simply limited budgets.
I think Jonathan’s greatest talent lies is his ability to get the best design out of a budget, and striking a great balance between defending his needs without becoming a difficult team player. His eagerness to help performers or other departments in their own needs proves his dedication to the ‘big picture’ and is what makes him an ideal team member for any successful production. Add on a fun, positive attitude and a hint of a British accent, and there’s no one I recommend more when asked.”

—Brian Mohr, Sound Designer, Kronos Quartet, Sun Valley Summer Symphony, John Adams

“Jonathan will help create the story and be a positive part of it, all at the same time.”

“Jonathan Burke is a genuine human being who is also a sound designer, mixer, teacher, and mentor. He stands up for what he believes in on and off stage. There is an ungodly amount of trust that you feel immediately when working with Jonathan. A lot of people can dial in a mix or create a sound effect, but Jonathan will go the extra mile for you. Jonathan is the opinion in the room you always want to hear and the person you feel comfortable going to with your own opinions. He treats you with respect and confidence you don’t even have in yourself sometimes. A father, teacher, mentor, and sound designer, he is someone you want on your team, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the story. Jonathan will help create that story and be a positive part of it all at the same time.”

—David Crawford, former student, Owner DCA Sound
“Jonathan Burke’s many outstanding sound designs at the Rubicon and Cabrillo Music Theater have proven him one of the Southland’s top sound artists, and his work here confirms that once again, as he mixes McGinnis and Hancock’s voices and the production’s six-piece orchestra to perfection.”

—Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA on “Daddy Long Legs” at the Rubicon Theatre

“He is calm and efficient and excellent in his craft.”

“Jonathan is one of the best sound designers I have ever worked with. He is calm and efficient and excellent in his craft. He made my directorial life so much easier!”

—Robert Egan, Artistic Director/Producer, Watts Media, OJAI Playwrights Conference & RHEgan Productions
“Sound was top notch.”
—Neil Sedaka, on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” at Cabrillo Music Theatre
“Jonathan Burke’s marvelous sound design was a highlight.”

—Les Spindle, Backstage, on “Pest Control The Musical” at NoHo Arts Center